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PeopleSoft Finance

TIS_PeopleSoft Finance

PeopleSoft Finance

Course Duration : 40 Hours
Course Delivery : Classroom, Online, Weekends

Course Content

Navigating the PeopleSoft Systems
• Navigating and Searching in PeopleSoft
• Using navigational shortcuts and tools for accessing data online
• View and update records
• Search on a given topic within PeopleBooks
Working With Tables in PeopleSoft
• Types of PeopleSoft Tables
• The Translate Table
• Control Tables and Transaction Tables
• Understanding the Relationship of Business Units and SetIDs
• Describe Business Units and SetIDs
Understanding System Structure
• Understanding PeopleSoft Internet Architecture
• PeopleSoft Tables and Relational Database
• Effective Dating
• Action Types
Running Human Resources Processes and Reports
• Processing and Viewing a Human Resources Report
• Explain the purpose of the Employees table
Maintain Vendor
• Understanding procurement
• Understanding vendors
• Understanding vendor location and address

Managing Items
• Understand item categories
• Understanding items
• Understanding purchasing kits
Managing Request for Quotes
• Understanding request for quotes
• Understanding RFQ life cycle
Managing Requisitions
• Understanding requisition defaults
• Understanding requisition life cycle Source: SCANS – Secretary’s Commission for Achieving Necessary Skills
• Understanding requisition status
• Understanding requisition structure
Add/Change a PO
• Understanding PO change order numbers
• Understanding PO change orders
• Understanding PO defaults
• Understanding PO header status values
• Understanding PO life cycle
• Understanding PO structure
Process a PO
• Understanding approving and dispatching Pos
• Understanding background sourcing
• Understanding options for selecting requisitions
• Understanding requisition selection criteria

Manage Shipments
• Understanding closing and reconciling Pos
• Understanding PO receipt status
• Understanding receipt accrual
• Understanding receipt
• Status
• Understanding receiving shipment
• Understanding vendor return process
Maintain Vendors
• Understanding electronic payment
• Understanding procurement
• Understanding vendors
• Understanding vendor locations and address
• Understanding withholding information
Entering Voucher
• Understand voucher life cycle
• Understand voucher page groups
• Understand vouchers
Managing Vouchers
• Understanding control groups
• Understanding correcting voucher errors Source: SCANS – Secretary’s Commission for Achieving Necessary Skills
• Understanding multicurrency revaluation
• Understanding open item accounting

• Understanding selective voucher line updating
• Understanding voucher adjustments
• Understanding voucher approvals
Processing Payments
• Understanding confirming and changing payment reference
• numbering
• Understanding creating payments
• Understanding pay cycle
• Understanding pay cycle exceptions
• Understanding pay cycle manager
• Understanding payment process
• Understanding processing drafts
• Understanding escheating payment
• Understanding trial payment registers
Posting Voucher and Payments
• Understanding cash clearing
• Understanding payment posting
• Understanding voucher posting
• Understanding voucher unposting
Make a journal Entry
• Understanding chartfields
• Understanding journal entry
• Understanding speed types
• Understanding standard journal entry