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Oracle Essbase


Oracle Essbase

Course Duration : 40 Hours
Course Delivery : Classroom, Online, Weekends

Course Content

Oracle Essbase Course Syllabus
Overview of Oracle Essbase
• Describe multidimensional analysis
• Describe Oracle Essbase
Smart View
• Describe Smart View
• Retrieve Data using Smart View
Essbase Application Creation Fundamentals
• Perform manual outline creation
• Build dimensions from sources
• Perform initial data loads
• Use calculations and aggregations
• Assign security
Aggregate Storage Databases
• Describe when to deploy aggregate storage, block storage, or a combined solution
• Convert block storage to aggregate storage
• Create, load, and pre-aggregate aggregate storage databases
• Employ database partitioning in combined block/aggregate storage solutions
• Write member formulas using MDX
• Perform management tasks for aggregate storage databases
• Partition block and aggregate storage databases
• Describe and implement aggregate storage design best practices
• Describe multiple hierarchies and the use of Shared Members

Block Storage Databases
• Describe block storage calculations
• Describe the default database calculation order
• Describe data blocks
Describe how data blocks are indexed
• Interpret database statistics
• Describe when data blocks are created
• Describe the block storage database calculation process
• Tune and optimize block storage databases
• Describe and implement block storage design best practices
• Describe BSO load techniques Working with Calculation Scripts
• Identify correct and incorrect calculation script syntax
• Describe calculation script behaviour for various ASO data structures
• Describe calculation script behaviour for various BSO data structures
• Design calculation scripts to meet specified requirements
Essbase Administration
• Describe the file Essbase.cfg and its settings
• Describe the file Essbase.sec and its settings
• Identify and interpret Essbase log files
• Manage Essbase security via Administration Services
• Manage Essbase security via Shared Services
• Back up and recover Block Storage Databases
• Automate database processes with MaxL
• Describe and use substitution variables and location aliases

Essbase Studio
• Describe functionality of Essbase studio
• Add and delete joins between tables
• Create drill through reports