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Manual Testing

TIS_Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Course Duration : 40 Hours
Course Delivery : Classroom, Online, Weekends

Course Content

Software Testing Tools
Course Content for Online Training
Manual Testing
Introduction to software Testing
Software Development Process
Project Vs Product
Objectives of Testing
Testing Principals
Software Development Life Cycle
SDLC Models
Waterfall Model
Spiral Model
V Model
Prototype Model
Agile Model (Scrum)
How to Choose Model for a Project
Software Testing-Methods
White Box Testing
Block Box Testing
Gray Box Testing

Levels of Testing
Unit Testing
Structural Testing
Statement Coverage Testing
Condition Coverage Testing
Branch Coverage Testing
Path Coverage Testing
Integration Testing
Big Bang Integration
Top Down Approach
Bottom up approach
Stubs and Drives
System Testing
Functional Testing
Non Functional Testing
Compatibility Testing
Performance Testing
Load Testing
Volume Testing
Stress Testing
Recovery Testing
Installation Testing
Globalization Testing

Security Testing
Usability Testing
Accessibility Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Alpha Testing
Beta Testing
Testing Terminology
Functional Testing
End-End Testing
Ad-hoc Testing
Risk Based Testing
Sanity/Smoke Testing
Regression Testing
Exploratory Testing
Parallel Testing
Concurrent Testing
Windows & Web Application
Check List for Window App Testing
Check List for Web Application Testing
Web App Testing Terminology

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
Test Strategy
Test Planning
Test Cases Design
Error Guessing
Equivalence Partition
Boundary Value Analysis
Test Case Authoring
Functional Test Case
Review Test Case
Peer Review
Traceability Matrix
Build Release Process
Build Deployment
Project Dev Env (Dev, Test, Prod)
Defect Reporting & Tracking
Defect Reporting
Defect Life Cycle
Severity, Priority
Defect Tracking Tools

Test Closure
Criteria for Test Closure
Test Summary Reports
Introduction to VSS
Project Metrics
ISO & CMM Standards
Testing Certifications
Interview Question
Organization Hierarchy
Role of Project Team Members
Test Management using
Quality Center
Overview on Test Management
Architecture of QC Tool
Site Administrator
Create Project
Create Users
Assign User to Projects
Monitor Connections & Licenses Sitescope
Backup, Restore Projects
Version Control

Quality Center
Managing Requirements
Working with test Plan
Developing Manual & Automation Tests
Coverage Analysis/Traceability
Create Test Cases
Running Tests
Record Results
Defect Reporting & Tracking
Integration with QTP
Test Resources
Test Linkage
Defect Linkage
Test Management
Developing Reports
Developing Graphs
Dash Board
Creating Groups
Module Access