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Course Duration : 40 Hours
Course Delivery : Classroom, Online, Weekends

Course Content

Types of Style Sheets
• Inline Styles
• Embedded Styles
• External or Linked Styles
Inheritance and Cascading Order
• Inheritance
• Conflicting Styles
• Specificity
Formatting Text and Fonts
• Font Families
• Font Size
• Kerning, Leading, and Indenting
Formatting Colors and Backgrounds
• The Color Attribute
• The Background Attribute
• Background Colors and Images
Exploring CSS Class and ID Attributes
• Defining The CSS Class Attribute
• Defining The CSS ID Attribute
Create Your Own HTML Tags
• HTML Span and DIV Tags
• Creating Block-Level HTML Tags
• Creating Inline HTML Tags

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Positioning Block-Level Elements
• Relative and Absolute Positioning
• Formatting The Block-Level Box Model
• Element Visibility Controls
Introducing The Document Object Model (DOM)
• Versions Of The Document Object Model
• Detecting The DOM Version With Java Script
• Java Script and The DOM